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The secret of every influencer to make the photos on social networks 5x more impactful

Don't waste any more time with frustrating editing attempts, let Preset Box help you improve the quality of photos you've always wanted.

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 What if I told you that you too can have amazing photos, even if you don't know anything about professional editing?

 Staying several days without posting for not knowing how to properly configure the application, never again!

Want to know the secret of professional influencers? They know that a well-edited photo is essential to keep the Instagram feed organized, delighting your followers.

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  Preset Box is a package with more than 40 presets ready to use in theLightroom. With it you edit your photos in a few seconds,(following the tutorial steps), without having to spend hours fiddling with these settings.

This is the Preset Box!

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  One of the most loved applications by photography professionals and that almost every influencer uses is the Lightroom(Adobe).

 With this application, you can take a simple photo and make some settings, leaving the vibrant colors, highlighting well the lighting, contrast and shadows, creating a visual pattern in your photo.

The app most used by influencers

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 The application is simple to understand, but if you are a beginner or have never dealt with professional editing, the configuration process can be laborious and very time consuming, making you spend a lot of time trying to edit, even failing to post photos for not like the edit.

Inside the Application

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 This pack will all your followers and friends be amazed, asking what you did to your photos to make them so different, just like a professional influencer.

  This always happens to me when people go to my professional profile and (@gabrieloevangelista) you can already see the quality of the photos.

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